One Eye Open


When you've got children, no matter how old they may be, they'll need a degree of supervision and guidance in terms of the internet, this is why I love the thought of having multiple computers in a single space within the home. The reason why this set-up works very well is it doesn’t seem like you're spying, you are simply doing your thing as the kids do theirs, the ultimate benefit is that this allows open discussion while they're browsing online. It's highly likely that, while working side by side, you'll be shown pictures, posts & conversations as well as in a period where they can text, email or network get you started of the lives this is so important. If one makes this arrangement permanent it won’t be too much time before your teen is requesting for information on friendships and relationships, this is a good way to keep your lines of communication open. Should you aren’t yet computer literate use this time for you to play solitaire or learn chess on the computer, better still get the teen to teach a thing or two as a result them feel important and create their self-esteem. When it comes to children and the internet the most important factor is that you simply remain and you can talk with them by what is happening inside their world.



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